Music Director Job Description

Church of the Epiphany

Vacaville, California


Job Description:  Music Director


The Music Director works under the direction and supervision of the Rector.



  1. The ability to play the organ, piano, keyboard and sing.
  2. The ability to read music proficiently and sight-read music as needed.
  3. Knowledge of music theory and music history.
  4. Knowledge of The Episcopal Church theology, traditions, liturgy, music, and lectionary cycles.
  5. Ability to direct a choir while accompanying them.
  6. Ability to support the Rector’s leadership, and the congregation and choir’s needs and expectations.
  7. Ability to work collaboratively with a variety of people in the choir and congregation.
  8. Ability to select a variety of music to suit many levels of musical ability in the choir and the diverse musical tastes of the congregation.
  9. Ability to make a commitment to be present and assist at all regular services and special services other than planned vacations and illness.
  10. Completion of The Episcopal Church “Safe Church Program.”  The church will pay for the costs to complete this program.


Duties:  Weekly

  1. Select the music and hymns to be used at the 9:15 A.M. & 11:00 A.M. Sunday services and all other services where music is included.
  2. Provide organ, piano or keyboard accompaniment for the 9:15 & 11:00 services including hymns, liturgical music, preludes and postludes.
  3. Plan, direct and lead rehearsals the musicians before the 9:15 a.m. service and accompany them during the service.
  4. Plan, direct and lead the Adult Choir rehearsals and accompany the choir  when they sing anthems. (September through May)
  5. Set up and take down the sound system for the 9:15 service.
  6. Put hymn numbers on the board for the 11:00 service.
  7. Maintain a filing system of church music and ensure that the choir loft area is maintained and organized.
  8. Ensure that choir robes are clean, serviceable and organized.
  9. Ensure that the church abides by appropriate copyright laws in the selection, printing, playing and singing of service music.

Duties as needed or requested:

  1. Coordinate with the Rector and Worship Committee.
  2. Act as liaison between the Rector and the Youth Choir.
  3. Provide keyboard accompaniment for the Youth Choir for rehearsals and anthems as needed by the Youth Choir Director.
  4. Plan choral music for special services throughout the year including Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas, Epiphany, Holy Week and the Easter Vigil.
  5. The Music Director may be asked, if he/she is available, to provide organ or keyboard accompaniment for special services including funerals, memorial services, weddings, Bishop’s visit and any other special services as requested by the Rector.  If the Music Director is not available then a substitute will be hired.
  6. Purchase new music as needed or requested.
  7. Arrange for maintenance of musical instruments.
  8. Write the Music Program Report for the church’s  annual report.


Vacation and Sick Leave:  The Music Director is entitled to 4 Sundays of vacation annually and 2 Sundays of sick leave.  The Music Director is to arrange for a substitute organist when he/she is going to be absent, except in cases of sudden illness or personal emergency.


Salary:  The Music Director is paid a stipend of $13,630.00 annually for approximately 10 hours of work a week.  The Music Director may be asked to play for funerals and weddings, but if he/she is not available another organist will be hired.  If the Music Director plays for these occasions then he/she will be paid an honorarium of $150.00 for the service and an additional $50.00 if he/she plays for a rehearsal.


To apply, please contact the Very Rev. Mack Olson at or call the church office at 707-448-2275


  July 2018  
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